I’m Kristen, an urban homesteader in Chicago.

In our Logan Square backyard, we raise a micro-flock of chickens. They provide eggs, garden help and lots of entertainment. See a bit of our set-up, as well as our first flock raised from day-old chicks, in this Flickr photostream.

Watch our movie debut in this documentary about urban farming made by Kaitlin McMurry, a grad student at Loyola.

Occasionally, I hold workshops or seminars or have a booth at local community events, namely at the Chicago Center for Green Technology, or at the ReBuilding Exchange DIY Fair.

Please let me know if you have any questions regarding chickens in the city - or elsewhere! - I'm always happy to help.



Visit our coop!
Saturday September 21, 2018 - 1-4pm Windy City Coop Tour
Sponsored by the Chicago Chicken Enthusiasts
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Recommended Resources:
"City Chicks: Keeping Micro-flocks of Chickens as Garden Helpers, Compost Makers, Bio-recyclers, and Local Food Producers" by Patricia Foreman, is the best book on the tiny flocks that city dwellers are capable of having. So many resources address larger flocks, and this book contains the nuances needed to maintain 3-4 birds.

Backyard Poultry Magazine and their online forums

"Keeping Poultry and Rabbits on Scraps" is a WWII government leaflet, originally published by Penguin, that taught the basics of chicken husbandry, disease, flock management and butchering. This no-nonsense vintage book is full of practical advice for keeping costs low and production high, leaning heavily on wartime practicality. Not for the faint of heart, it is a tremendous resource.


Chicago Resources:
Belmont Feed and Seed - On Belmont Ave, just west of Sacramento, the city of Chicago's only chicken feed store. Knowledgeable staff, offers day old chicks in the spring.

Angelic Organics Learning Center - offering tours of their working farms and coops, and occasional classes regarding chicken husbandry

Chicago Chicken Enthusiasts - a Google group of area poultry enthusiasts, hosting a discussion board full of helpful and practical advice. This group also hosts the annual Windy City Coop Tour and sponsors other poultry events. They also have a Facebook page




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